Quality and consistency

In the quality department, we have a team of 9 people, divided into departments:

  • 3 employees, CNC line controllers
  • 2 employees, control-welding engineers
  • 3 employees, quality analysts

They always make sure that the processed parts are at the highest certified standards in Romania, Belgium and the EU.

The technical quality control department performs the initial and intermediate control, directly on the production line, and the quality assurance department takes care that the delivered products are in accordance with the customers’ requirements.

The homologation of the manufacturing processes returns to the attributions of the quality manager. The initial and final measurement reports are made on 2D vertical columns, the manual measuring machine in 3D coordinates and the automatic shop-floor ready 3D.

Quality management system

Within the company S.C. AATEQ S.R.L. a Quality Management System is implemented in accordance with the standard:

  • SR EN ISO 9001: 2008, implemented in 2014, followed by updating ISO 9001: 2015 in 2018.

Aateq Certificates