Other services


We have several teams specialised in assembly of mechanical and electro-machanical (sub)assemblies.
We are carrying out several projects for leading German & Belgian customers.
Teams can be trained people on client site, to learn all customer requirements.

CNC marking machine for metallic parts




We have strategic long-term collaborations with reliable partners in Romania and Belgium who share our values, ao:

– Laser cutting / oxygen cutting / water jet cutting

– Surface treatment: electrolytic galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, protective anodising, hard anodising, nickel &chrome plating

– Heat treatment: annealing, induction hardening, carburizing, carbo-nitrating, case hardening, vacuum or oil hardening, nitruration

–  Covering with polyurethane / rubber to form metallic / PU / rubber parts: rolls,

– Plastic Injection (also including metal inserts)

– Electrostatic Painting