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ServicesComplete production and mechanical processing services for any need

The Aateq company offers high-quality CNC machining services, having well-trained employees in the field, who take care of organizing all the technological processes of mechanical machining in the best conditions

About AATEQWe create parts for industrial customers from all over Europe

Aateq SRL – company founded in 2006 by two Belgian investors. We are producers of metal assemblies and subassemblies, collaborating with some of the largest companies at the international level in various fields of activity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the latest technologies and techniques in turning, milling and welding to produce the highest quality parts.

From the smallest detail to the final product, we approach each project with dedication and precision, ensuring that each part meets the rigorous ISO standards for which we are certified.

Parts made especially for our customers

Why would you choose AATEQ?The main benefit we offer is the quality of the processes and the products obtained!

We create pieces for nationally and internationally recognized clients from various industries.

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Agricultural industry
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Textile industry
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Food industry
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Machine Builders Industry
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Naval industry
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The oil industry

FAQFrequently asked questions

In general, orders are delivered in 3-4 weeks.

The main materials used are: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

Of course! Aateq also has a design department. Therefore, we can make the drawing ourselves.

Considering that over 85% of our customers are from countries such as Belgium, Germany, Holland or even Norway, delivery outside Romania is not a problem for us. Approximately 4 trucks leave weekly for external customers.