Servicii - Strunjire


Aateq produces from the simplest parts to the most complex, on 24 lathes, processing various materials.

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Servicii - Frezare


We produce series, small and medium parts with the highest precision, holding up to 13 CNCs with 3-4 axes.

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Servicii - Sudura


We weld a wide variety of materials due to the qualified staff we have and the specific equipment.

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Our company performs blasting services on surfaces before painting or priming for various metal fabrications.

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Alte servicii


Such as the use of plasma, abckant, sandblasting and painting, grinding, surface finishing and others.

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We have long-term strategic collaborations with reliable partners from Romania and Belgium, who share our values ​​and can offer us the following services:

  • Laser cutting / oxygen cutting / water jet cutting.

  • Surface treatment: electrolytic galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, nickel plating and chrome plating.

  • Heat treatment: annealing, induction hardening, cementation, carbonitriding, vacuum hardening, nitriding, tempering.

  • Polyurethane / rubber coating to form metal / PU / rubber parts: rollers.

  • Plastic insertion (including metal insertion).

  • Electrostatic painting.