• Plasma cutting – By plasma-cutting operation, the material can be sawed with an accuracy up to 30 mm thick (stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum).

  • Abckant – Our bending machine processes materials up to a length of 4,000 mm with a bending pressure up to 160 tons. It has a numerical control system, 5 axles with hydraulic pressure brake.

  • Sandblasting and painting – Aateq has two sandblasting machines and its own painting room measuring 6.0 x 4.0 x 2.7 meters.

  • Grinding – We have 2 circular grinding machines with a maximum diameter of 550mm and a maximum length of 1500mm, as well as 2 FLAT grinding machines with a maximum length of 500 mm.

  • Surface finishing – Product surfaces can also be polished, galvanized or powder coated, Aateq having a specialized team in fine polishing of metal parts.

  • Industrial cleaning of metal parts – We have 2 industrial washing machines with biological cleaning agents to degrease and protect against corrosion and to clean stainless steel welds.

  • Browning – We have our own cold browning line for steel parts, with a chemical process that does not produce dimensional changes to the parts.

  • Assembly – We have several teams specialized in assembling and sub-assembling of mechanical and electro-mechanical parts.

  • Marking – We have numerically controlled machines to mark the parts according to the received specifications.

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